About me:About Juicing blog

Hi there, it is me!

Your Juicer Expert is actually a USA born girl named Anna Kimbel. But you can just call me Anna or Kimy in the
comments you leave.

I believe in Yoga, Health, and Juicing!

I was raised to believe in healthy lifestyle and was privileged to be able to fulfill it. Ever since I was a teenager I was hitting the gym, did free running and many other outdoor sports. My best achievement so far was getting the second place in our community marathon but don’t get fooled by the word “community” haha, there were over 600 people competing!

How and why I started MyJuiceExpert.Com:

I started the blog myjuicerexpert.com because I wanted to spread the word about healthy lifestyle and the benefits of juicing. This is the place where I will write reviews, opinions, commentaries and such about best available juicers, but there is more than that. I will write about my experiences with other food related products and recipes because I believe that food is the essence of our health. Sure you can work out, but nothing is going to change if you don’t provide the best nutrients to your body. And I believe that juicing is the way to do it.


Initially, I started the blog because of my two best friends Gwen and Taylor whom I owe a great deal of gratitude for always being there for me and supporting me all the way through it. I remember the day when we were in a park running together and on our break, we touched the topic of me always wanting to help other people get their health and body on the right track. Then Taylor proposed me to start a blog and I declined at first because I knew nothing about starting an online blog. But he was very persistent and Gwen offered to help me as well so you can say that there are three people behind this blog. Sometimes they give me ideas and help me manage everything! It is so sweet of them 🙂

Juicing Blog

Benefits for you:

I started juicing back in 2010 when not that many people were doing it and after a month I could already feel the difference. And after a few months, my overall results in gym increased by far. I just had more energy.

And it helped me eat less too. Why? Because it got the right nutrients in their place. I was not deficient anymore on vitamins and minerals. This changed my life and I hope it can do the same for you.

That is why I am blogging here. To help you with your goals. But first thing first, you have to have you health set! Or you will not be able to achieve much in your life. Whatever that is your goal it will be twice as easy to achieve it if you are filled with energy, if your stomach, liver, heart, brain are in their best shape.

There you go a little bit about me and my passion and reasons behind this blog. If you wish to ask me some more questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at anna@myjuicerexpert.com. I don’t bite 😉

Hopefully, you will love my content here! Stay tuned! 🙂